University of Toronto

Name Department/Faculty Area of specialisation
Spyros Alexakis
MathematicsGeometric analysis, general relativity
Stavroula Andreopoulos
Biochemistrybipolar disorder
Periklis Andritsos
Faculty of Informationdatabases, data mining, cluster analysis, structure discovery
Themistoklis Aravossitas
Munk School of Global Affairs, Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian StudiesModern Greek language and culture, curriculum studies, second language education, knowledge media design, heritage language education
Stavros Argyropoulos
Materials Science & Engineeringliquid metals, metal-mold interface
George Arhonditsis
Physical & Environmental Science, Geography, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyEcology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems, Watershed-aquatic ecosystem interactions
Christina C. Christara
Computer Sciencescientific computing, numerical analysis, parallel computation
Constantin Christopoulos
Civil Engineeringstructural engineering, seismic resistant systems
Costis Dallas
Museum Studies, Faculty of Informationcuration theory, cultural heritage knowledge and public communication practices, digital curation
Helen Dimaras
Ophthalmology and Vision Sciencesmolecular and medical genetics, global health and clinical trials
Ioannis Dimitriou
Immunology / Medicineregulation of immune responses and specifically CD8+ T cell activation, differentiation and development
George Eleftheriades
Electrical & Computer EngineeringElectromagnetic Fields & Waves, terrestrial and satellite wireless telecommunications, imaging and sensing, radars, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, high-speed digital interconnects
John Hadjigeorgiou
Lassonde Institute Mineral EngineeringMining Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering
Vassos Hadzilacos
Computer Sciencetheory of distributed computing; fault tolerance and synchronisation
Dimitrios Hatzinakos
Electrical & Computer Engineeringmultimedia, wireless networks, self-powered sensor networks, biometric systems
Smaro Kamboureli
Department of EnglishCanadian Literature (fiction, poetry, criticism), Postcolonial and Diaspora Studies and Theory, Multiculturalism, Humanities studies
Grigoris Karakoulas
Computer Sciencedata mining, e-commerce, customer decisioning and portfolio management applications
Spyridon Kotsovilis
Political ScienceIR theory, international crises, revolutions and mobilization dynamics, democratization, nationalism and ethnic conflict, quantitative/research methods
Nick Koudas
Computer Sciencedata management and analysis, big data analytics
Toula Kourgiantakis
Factor-Iwentash Faculty of Social WorkSocial work education, Simulation-based learning in social work teaching and assessment
Kyriakos Kutulakos
Computer Sciencecomputer vision, time-of-flight imaging, computational light transport, computational photography, non-rigid 3D shape from video, multi-view stereo
Andreas Mandelis
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, ECE, IBBMEDiffusion waves, photoacoustic and photothermal phenomena, optical engineering, instrumentation science
Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis
PaediatricsSocio Politics of Higher Education applied to professional education
Nicholas Mitsakakis
Dalla Lana School of Public HealthBiostatistics, applied health economics, health services
Andreas Moshovos
Electrical & Computer Engineeringcomputer architecture, digital system design, power, complexity and performance optimizations
John Mylopoulos
Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Data Bases
Maria Mylopoulos
Paediatricsadaptive expertise, knowledge building and cognitive anthropology
Dimitrios Oreopoulos
MedicinePeritoneal Dialysis,
Vladimiros G. Papangelakis
Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistryaqueous process metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, inorganic effluent treatment
Petros Pechlivanoglou
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacyeconometrical and statistical applications in health economics and health policy
Kostas Plataniotis
Electrical & Computer Engineeringmultimedia, signal and image processing, adaptive and self-learning systems, fuzzy logic
Costas Sarris
Electrical & Computer Engineeringcomputational electromagnetics, wireless and wireline communications, meta-materials
Vicky Stergiopoulos
PsychiatryMental Health Services Research
Thodoros Topaloglou
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Computer Sciencedatabases, information systems (business informatics), software engineering
Sophie Tryphonas
Malama Tsimenis
Humanities (French)19th century French literature
Andreas Veneris
Electrical & Computer EngineeringCAD tools for the debugging, verification, synthesis and test of digital VLSI circuits and systems
Paraskevi Vlachou
Medical Imaging / Medicine/ St. Michael's Hospitalabdominal imaging