Hellenic Studies Chair and Program at York University

One of the main activities of the Hellenic-Canadian Academic Association of Ontario (HCAAO) is its involvement in the establishment of a permanent Hellenic Studies Chair and Program in one of the Toronto universities.

Recently, the Hellenic Heritage Foundation HHF, took the initiative to endow a permanent Hellenic Studies Chair and Program in one of the Toronto universities.

HCAAO worked closely with HHF and submitted a proposal for a Hellenic Studies Chair and Program to the different major Toronto Universities. After negotiations with theĀ  University of Toronto and York University, a memorandum of agreement was signed with York University, on January 28, 2000.

The Hellenic Studies Program will start operating in September 2001, or as soon as an appropriate Chairholder is recruited. The operation of the Chair and its endowment will give rise to at least 4 half courses (in addition to those currently offered), research and other academic activities, as well as fellowships for students pursuing Hellenic studies.

HCAAO would like to thank all those who contributed to bringing this project – the signing of this agreement – to a success;

  • York University for their enthusiasm and determination to serve all communities, including the Greek-Canadian community; the Hellenic Heritage Foundation for their generous support; the Greek Community of Metro-Toronto, as well as the broader Greek-Canadian community for having given this project a priority status; and all the members of our association for providing continuing advice on academic matters.

As an association, we have been and continue to be willing to provide advice on any academic matter that may arise in the course of the establishment of the Chair and Program, using our understanding of the needs of the Greek-Canadian community, as well as our knowledge of and respect for academic principles and values.

To the left: Prof. Christina Christara, President HCAAO 1999-2001, addresses the participants of the ceremony for the signing of the memorandum of agreement for the Hellenic Studies Chair at York University, January 28, 2000.