Annual General Meeting 1997

The Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday December 7, 1997, 4:30 p.m., at the University of Toronto, P. L. Pratt Building, Room LP 266, 6 King’s College Road.

Lecture on the “The Realities of Byzantine Art”

HCAAO co-hosted a lecture by Dr. Anthony Cutler, Professor of Byzantine Art at Pennsylvania State University, on “The Realities of Byzantine Art”.

The event took place on Tuesday, October 14, 1997, at 7:30 p.m., at the Theater of the Royal Ontario Museum.
The lecture was organized by HCAAO, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies and the Canadian Institute of Balkan Studies and sponsored by the Consulate General of Greece in Toronto.

The speaker is a professor of Fine Arts at Pennsylvania State University and a renowned authority on Byzantine art. The lecture was presented on the occasion of the permanent Byzantine Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum’s Joey and Toby Tannenbaum Gallery of Byzantine Art.

Byzantine artists achieved a unique connection between the ideal and the real world in the production of icons, jewelery and liturgical artifacts. In this exquisitely illustrated presentation, Anthony Cutler explores the relationship between the abstract notion of beauty and the materials and methods available to the Byzantine artist with specific reference to the Joey and Toby Tannenbaum Gallery of Byzantine Art at the Royal Ontario Museum.

The Byzantine empire flourished from AD 324 to 1453. It became the world’s first Christian nation, and its inhabitants developed a style of religious art and architecture that influenced every nation it encountered. Its capital, Constantinople, stood where Istanbul stands today.

To the right:

St John Chrysostom, detail from a Greek icon c. 1675-1725.

Byzantine Exhibit
Since Saturday, June 28, 1997, the largest and most significant collection of Byzantine art in Canada is on permanent display at the Royal Ontario Museum. See over 300 treasures from this remarkable legacy. Gallery highlights include icons, frescoes and a six-meter-long mosaic; gold jewelery remarkable for its timeless appeal; coins bearing portraits of 4th to 13th century emperors; and a collection of 1500-year-old iridescent glassware.

For more information on the permanent exhibit of Byzantine art at the ROM, please visit the museum’s website:

Annual Dinner 1997

The annual dinner took place on Sunday, March 2, 1997, at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club.

The pleasant atmosphere reached its peak during the piano performance by Dimitra Marangozi, member of the Royal Conservatory of Music. The performance included works by Handel, Mozart, Chopin, Kalomoiris and Liszt, as well as popular Greek songs, chorused by all participants.