Annual General Meeting 1996

The Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday December 8, 1996, 4 p.m., at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto, Wallberg Building, Room WB 116, 200 College Street.

Seminar & Panel Discussion on: “The destruction of cultural heritage and the international law”

HCAAO in cooperation with the General Consulate of Cyprus organized a seminar and panel discussion on the ”The destruction of cultural heritage and the international law” with focus on Cyprus.

The event took place on Wednesday, November 27, 1996, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., at the University College Building, Room UC179, 15 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto.

Reception followed till 9 p.m. at the nearby room Croft Chapter House #183.

The speakers were:

1. William Schabas, professor of international law, University of Quebec, Montreal.

Prof. Schabas is Chair of the Law Department at the University of Quebec at Montreal and specialises in the areas of international human rights law and criminal law. He has published several books and more than 40 articles in academic journals. He has participated in several human rights missions and worked as a consultant to the Government of Rwanda on the genocide prosecutions.Prof. Schabas focused his talk on the provisions of the international law for the protection of cultural property and gave recent examples of various types of destruction of cultural heritage.

2. Michalakis Kyprianou, former MP and senior counselor of the Cypriot Republic, lawyer of the Cypriot Republic in the case of the Kanakaria stolen antiquities.

Mr. Kyprianou was appointed Senior Counsel at the Attorney’s General Office of the Republic of Cyprus in 1970. He served as political counselor in the Cyprus High Commission from 1974-76 and resumed his duties in 1977 in the post of the most senior permanent law officer in the Legal Department of the Republic. In 1991, he was elected Member of Parliament and served as the Chairman of the Trade, Industry and Tourism Committee of the House. As a lawyer, he appeared on behalf of the Government of Cyprus and the Church of Cyprus on a number of cases for the repatriation of stolen artifacts from the occupied part of Cyprus. Mr. Kyprianou focused his talk on the most important of these cases, the case of the Kanakaria stolen antiquities. A slide presentation on the case of the Kanakaria stolen antiquities took place between the talks of the two speakers.

The event was well attended. The interest of the attendees became apparent at the end of each talk, when numerous questions were posed to the speakers.

Greek Immigrant Women in Ontario: A Photo History

The official opening of the permanent photo exhibition ”Greek Immigrant Women in Ontario: A Photo History” by E. Tastsoglou, Prof. of Sociology, Saint Mary’s University and C. Alevizakis, photographer, took place on Sunday, November 3, 1996, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. at the Hellenic Home for the Aged.

Prof. Vladimiros Papangelakis, President HCAAO 1996-1997, announced the official opening of the photo exhibition, at the Hellenic Home for the Aged, November 3, 1996.

This historical exhibition celebrated the contributions of Greek immigrant women to Canadian society.

Arriving to Canada full of hope and dreams of a better life, starting new families, working hard in the factory, the office, the restaurant, the school, the University while at the same time raising children and taking care of elderly parents; celebrating weddings, baptisms, name-days, and Easter at family and special gatherings affirming the Greek cultural heritage; building and sustaining communities through participating in cultural, philanthropic and church-related organizations, are all visible and invisible aspects of the Greek immigrant women lives and indispensable contributions to the Canadian society. The project was the first in the Greek community with a unique focus on the immigrant woman’s story.

The exhibition was made possible with financial support from the Department of Canadian Heritage, the kind contribution of the Daughters of Penelope and other community organizations and, most importantly, with the generous donation of photographs, time, and stories of women in the Greek community and their families. HCAAO played an active role in organizing and installing the Photo Exhibit in the Hellenic Home.

About 300 attendees crowded the hall of the Hellenic Home during the event; federal, provincial and local politicians, leaders of community organizations, members of the Greek community, but most importantly the residents of the Hellenic Home.

Computers and Education

As part of HCAAO’s efforts to reach out to the Greek community and inform, especially the youth, on the academics’ fields of specialization, Prof. Evangelos Milios, of the Department of Computer Science, York University, gave a presentation on “Computers and Education”.

The event took place on Sunday, April 21, 1996, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., at the Galbraith Building, Room GB 119, University of Toronto.

The presentation was in Greek and included live demonstrations of the following:
- Programming in Logo, a language with simple syntax, commonly used in schools
- A tour of the Internet for everyone, by Prof. Dimitris Hatzinakos, of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
- Logomatheia, a multimedia CD-ROM for practicing vocabulary, grammar and syntax of Modern Greek, by Marita Roussou, Dipl. Eng., M.Sc., University of Toronto.

Reception sponsored by the National Bank of Greece followed the event.

The one hundred years of the modern Olympic Games

Dr. Georgiadis, Dean of the International Olympic Academy in Athens, is an expert on the history of the Olympic Games.

He visited Toronto and gave a lecture on ”The one hundred years of the modern Olympic games”, on Sunday, March 10, 1996, at the George Ignatieff Theater, Trinity College, University of Toronto.

The seminar was organized by HCAAO and sponsored by the School of Physical and Health Education, University of Toronto, the Canadian Institute of Balkan Studies and the National Bank of Greece. During the lecture a series of slides on the first modern Olympic games in Athens (1896) was also presented.

Piano and Dance Presentation

A music and dance presentation took place on Sunday, February 25, 1996, 2 p.m., at the Royal Conservatory Concert Hall, 273 Bloor West, Toronto.

Dimitra Marangozi, pianist and member of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), presented contemporary Greek works by Hadjidakis, Kalomoiris and Constantinidis. The music was accompanied by dance by the Hellenic-Canadian Performance Group, under the choreographic direction of Prof. Nota Klentrou, Brock University, member of HCAAO. The members of the dance group are Canadian children of Greek descent, ages 4-18, who have been involved in folk dancing since they attended the Greek community schools.